Thursday, March 27, 2008


So apparently I spoke to soon. Why you ask? Well it has been snowing for most of the day and even as I type it continues to just come down! Enough Already!!! It feels like January. I can honestly say I am SICK of winter! We keep getting a peak of Spring, kindof like a teaser and then BAM, SNOW! When Broc leaves for school in the morning it should be a balmy 18 degrees!

Do these pictures make you cold? I hope so! Because we are!


Camille said...

We had snow this morning too. We had like an inch and it was melted by lunch. But I do understand how you feel. Kind of. Sorry I'm sticking my foot in my mouth again. Next time I do that make sure I add ketchup.

Allison said...

you kill me, I love the ranting! Hey check out my blog, I made some snazy new changes! I love you, I wish we could play!