Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bring on Cub Scouts!

Last night we attended our first Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet - Yeah! They invited the incoming Scouts from both the South Bend & Mishawaka wards to attend with their families. The assignment for each scout, was to bring a decorated cake that showed what their favorite thing about scouting was. Broc decided that he wanted to decorate his cake about camping. He and I had a great time making the cake and decorating it together. He worked so hard to make sure it looked just perfect and was sooo excited to go to his first pack meeting/banquet! It's hard to believe that in Aug we will have a scout in our house. John can't wait for the merit badge marathon to begin and all I can think about is how much work Broc/I am going to have to do so that Broc/me can be a great scout. The scary thing is is that I have no clue about scouts -UGH! I guess this is one of the downsides to not having brothers.

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Steve and Jenny Moore said...

It was good to see you pop onto our blog...sorry, it's taken me a few days to go back and read things!
I was thinking that with only girls in my life that I would escape the whole cub scout thing but I'm afraid that I am doomed to someday do least I have a few years before that happens!
Your cake looks great and Broc has a great mom who will be a great help in the scouting program!!!
Hope all is well!!!