Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ana! The big 4-0!

This evening we celebrated our neighbor Ana's 40th birthday with several friends at the community center. Ana and her husband, Hrvoje, along with their children Mare & Marko are from Croatia. He is here at ND as a Fulbright Scholar for one year. They are just the nicest people and it has been fun to have them as our neighbors! Happy Birthday Ana!

More Pics of Blue & Gold at ND

I wanted to add these because they are just so cute!

Here is John doing the "your 5 foot nothin, 100 and nothin" speech to Broc from the movie "Rudy." This is the tunnel that that particular scene was filmed in.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you better have a movie night soon!

One Talk, Two Talk, Three Lesson More!!

Today was a busy day for us at church. I gave a talk in Sacrament Mtg. on "Motherhood," Broc gave a great talk in Primary about "Following the Prophet" and John and I taught our Primary class about "Daring to Choose the Right." Whew! It truly was a great day and all of our responsibilities went very smooth but I will say that I'm really glad its over! I really don't mind speaking in Church it's just the whole preparation part that is a killer! I worked on my talk on Friday night and 2 1/2 hours later the computer crashed and I lost all that I had already prepared. I freaked and it was all I could do not to chuck the darn laptop out the window!! Aside from this minor, and I use the term minor very loosely, mishap (it's not really a minor mishap at 1:30am more like total meltdown! You know the kind where all reasoning goes to the way side!) it was smooth sailing once I got back on the computer. In the end all was well hear in our little Zion!

Here is our cute and very energetic Primary Class - We love these kids!

Notre Dame Blue-Gold Football Game

On Saturday we went to the 79th Annual Notre Dame Blue-Gold Football game. We all wore our new "The Shirt 2008" shirts, we were totally matchy, matchy! We really enjoyed our last hurrah in the football stadium here at ND. We went with our friends, The Doughertys, and since it was a total casual game the kids had a great time together.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The Shirt 2008"

On Friday, 4/18/08, we headed to the bookstore to see "The Shirt 2008" unveiling. Since 1990 "The Shirt" has become a staple for Notre Dame Students. The shirt is proudly worn, with pride on Notre Dame Football game days. Every spring, on the weekend of the annual Blue & Gold football game they hold a fun outdoor event by the bookstore where they unveil the new shirt for the upcoming season. Following the unveiling you can buy "The Shirt" at the bookstore.

We had a great time enjoying free food, face painting, jumping houses, the band and more.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Grandpa Mac

Yesterday My Grandpa Mac passed away. He had just celebrated his 94th birthday at the end of March but in recent week had gotten several bad infections and yesterday afternoon he passed away. My Grandpa was funny little guy who we know loved us but sometimes struggled to show it. I do have some good memories of him growing up and I am grateful for his life and example. He was a hard worker and therefore taught my Dad to work hard who in turn taught me and my sisters! He was a widower for 10 years and for many of those 10 he really just wanted to go ahead to be with Grandma. I remember him saying once a few years back that she, my Grandma, was the only girl he had ever kissed and loved. What a sweet reunion they had yesterday along with my Aunt Gaye, his only daughter, who passed away 4 years ago. Grandpa was a good man and we will miss him!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rock On!!

Tonight while I was blog stalking, McCall, who was supposed to be in bed, came into my room and this is what went down:

McCall: "Mom, I need a guitar"
Me: "Why"
McCall: "Because I want to rock"
Me(trying not to laugh): "You do? With who?"
McCall: "With my band!"

I think that funniest thing is that she was totally serious. I was trying not to laugh the whole time because I really wanted to get to the end of the conversation. We then went out to the living room to tell John. She relayed the exact same information but then added that she thought that John should play the drums and that I should sing into the microphone. I'm glad she thinks that it would be cool to have her parents in a band with her, give it 15 years and then we will see!

The Three Nephites

A few nights ago we were reading in 3rd Nephi, in our Book of Mormon reader, about the 3 Nephites who asked Jesus if they could stay on the earth to teach the gospel until he returned again. When we were finished with the chapter Broc started asking questions about the 3 Nephites. It went like this:

Broc: "So they will never die?"
John: "Nope"
Broc: "So they are still on the earth today teaching the gospel?"
John: "Yes, they are"
Broc: "What if they are our three missionaries!" "You know the ones who came to our house!"

He was referring to Elder Chumley, Elder Schroeder and Elder Hewlett who had come to our home and who we had had lunch with on the Saturday of General Conference. I had two thoughts about Broc's comments. One, how neat that he would put these three missionaries in the same esteem as the three Nephites and second, that he would think that we would be worthy to have the 3 Nephites come to our house. I'm glad HE has that much faith and belief in us, because I'm not so certain I do! Oh how I love his faithfulness! He has such a great spirit. If the 3 Nephites ever came to visit it would definitely be because of him!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh so close!

This past weekend the Notre Dame Men's Hockey team made it to the championship game of the Frozen Four! It was the first time in ND history that they had made it not only to the Frozen Four but to the championship game! It was so exciting to watch them play throughout the tournament and then so sad to see them stumble in the end to a good Boston College team. Oh, they were so close! We really enjoyed watching them play this year! Go Irish!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Super Spy Sissy!

Look out it's Super Spy Sissy! Yesterday McCall pulled out the spy gadget bag and this is what happened! She was serious spy business!

The Madness has it's Champions!

Well I must say that I am somewhat saddened today by the fact that the madness has officially ended for the season, however I am happy with the outcome of both the men's and women's championship games. Even though my bracket was a total bust this year, probably my worst year ever, I really enjoyed both tournaments and the games were fantastic!

Kansas was amazing! With 2:12 left in the game and down by 9 they mounted a ferocious comeback that was capped off with the amazing and game tying shot by Mario Chalmers. I screamed and I'm sure the neighbors thought I was being robbed or something! His shot sent them into overtime where they dominated and won! WOW what a game!

The Lady Vols from Tennessee were just as good in the women's final where they really dominated and totally shut down Stanford. They forced Stanford to an unusually high number of turnovers and they really stopped them defensively. It was a great game and fun to watch! I love Pat Summit and it's always enjoyable to watch her team play!

I'm already looking forward to next years tournaments!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, well actually yesterday by the time I finish this, is my Dad's 64th b-day! I just love this guy and am so grateful for all that he has done for me! His life has been an example of faith, service, love and devotion to me and our family. In honor of his special day here are 64 reasons why I love and appreciate him.

1. He ALWAYS had time for me when I needed to talk.

2. When I was a little girl on Saturday nights after our baths he would take us for a ride on his motorcycle around the block to "Let our hair dry"

3. He spent countless hours rebounding b-balls in the driveway for me

4. I don't remember him missing any of my b-ball games from elementary through high school.

5. When I was at CEU playing b-ball he and my Mom drove down many times to see me "play" ok really sit on the bench and sing the National Anthem at the Men's game.

6. I had to audition for a scholarship at SUU and he met me in Spanish Fork and drove with me to Cedar City and spent the day with me. Then he drove all the way home!

7. I used to take naps with him on the couch after lunch on Sundays and he had the worst breath because we had just eaten Sardines on Saltines.

8. I loved to watch "The Price is Right" with him because he always won the showcase!

9. He introduced me to Sardines on Saltines and I still love them!

10. He taught me how to do a job right the first time. I swept the kitchen once and had done a lousy job and he came home and told me that it needed to be done again. I resisted because I had already done the job and he said "You don't do a job just to say you have finished it, you do a job so it's done right" I have never forgotten that lesson and the day that I learned it.

11. I learned how to hang drywall, mud and sand because of him and our "Family Projects"

12. I also learned how to roof a house because of another "family project"

13. He ALWAYS fixed my car

14. He used to let us sit in the Model A car in the garage and pretend to drive it

15. I knew if I called him from school because I left something important at home he would bring it to me

16. When I locked my keys in my car TWICE in one day he came both times with a spare

17. I knew he loved my Mother and treated her with respect

18. He challenged me in the 9th grade to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it's truth. Because of this challenge my testimony sprouted

19. He helped me get my first real job

20. He taught me that you can't just mow the lawn you also have to trim. And when your done you have to sweep to finish off the job right!

22. I loved watching him get ready for church when I was young.

23. He taught me how to polish shoes

24. He introduced me to John Denver and we always sang it in the car when we drove through the canyons.

25. He taught me to be kind

26. When I was finishing up my degree at the U of U he watched Broc for me during my night class. He would take him to the mall and meet Mom for dinner.

27. He never missed a choir concert even though he knew all the songs and should probably be an honorary Lace and Laytone!

28. He always worked hard

29. My whole life I knew he had a testimony of the Savior

30. He can fix almost anything!

31. You knew if you saw him with a tape measure you were in big trouble! It meant another "Family Project" was brewing

32. I never felt embarrassed that he was my Dad, Never!

33. When I was struggling during my first semester at CEU, because I wasn't doing what I needed to, I called home to talk to him and he challenged me read my scriptures daily and be completely active. That night I found 2 Nephi 31:20 and it became my favorite scripture.

34. When I had a mishap with the jeweler on John's wedding ring he let me have his special ring to give to John for his wedding ring

35. He knew before me that I should marry John and not go on a mission. Boy did that get me at the time and now I'm so grateful

36. He loves my children and they know it!

37. When we owned the grocery store in Hooper I remember he would let us have treats and play at the store.

38. I remember driving down the freeway, right before the Roy exit, and I was playing with my fake money and for some crazy reason I put my hand out the window and let a wad of fake cash go. I freaked out and started to scream. He pulled over the van and I remember watching him scramble all over the freeway picking up my FAKE money!

39. He is probably the most patient man I know!

40. I remember on more than one occasion him going to the store to buy feminine products. Sometimes we would send him with and empty box so that he would be sure to get the right kind!

41. I always loved it when he was in charge of stockings at Christmas

42. When I was in Kindergarten my friend and I were walking home from school and we decided to pick all and I mean all the tulips out of the parking strip of a home. We shoved them into a brown bag and hid them behind my bedroom door. Well he found them, probably from the oder, and he made me go to the persons house and apologise. He held my hand on the porch of the women's house and helped me, in between my sobs, apologise to her.

43. He spent hours and hours helping me paint my first house.

44. When I lived in Farmington he would stop by at least once a week and usually more to check on us and to say hi to Broc.

45. It was always normal for him to serve in the Church and now that I'm older I'm grateful that he always said yes to Church callings.

46. He was always willing to loan us money

47. He went with Broc and I to McCall's ultrasound because John had to work. When we found out it was a girl he was so excited to have another princess come to our family!

48. He always told me that he loved me

49. When we lived in Farmington he would meet Broc and I at the gas station for lunch after reading time at the library. Broc still talks about those days

50. Even now at 34 I know that I can always call and when I do call he will make time for me

51. I know that we, my sisters and my Mom have always been his top priority

52. I remember the trip with me, Broc and Dad driving to Phoenix to take Emily a car. We had a great time just the three of us!

53. He always wants to just hang out with his girls!

54. He is always excited for us when fun things happen in our lives

55. I loved the late night talks with him and Mom

56. I love that even now at 34 he is still protective of me

57. He's always willing to go along for the drive so that we can visit

58. It was neat when we were in the same ward with them because I always had people tell me how much they admired my Dad and appreciated his wisdom and experience

59. I knew that if I disappointed him he never held it against me

60. I'm grateful that he paid for me to have braces - TWICE!

61. He always wanted us to look nice and because of this he often went without

62. I'm so grateful that he taught me that repentance is a way to draw closer to our Heavenly Father

63. I'm grateful for him honoring his Priesthood and using it to bless my life!

64. I'm just so grateful that I get to call him my DAD! I LOVE YOU!

Mass at the Basilica - 4/6/08

On Sunday morning we decided to attend Mass at the Basilica with our friends the Doughertys. We knew we wanted to have this experience at least once while we lived here at Notre Dame but because of our church schedule we thought that it just wasn't going to happen. So when we realized that we could go to 10:00am Mass and then still make it home for the first session of General Conference we were a go. We met the Dougherty's at the Grotto and sat with them during Mass. It was nice to attend a service in such a beautiful and historic building.

Safety at ND!

On Saturday the community center here in student housing held a safety fair for all the kids and their parents. John took the kids over to check it out and while they were there they held a drawing for several fun gifts. Our family didn't end up wining anything, well at least not through the drawing, but were happy to get lots of fun safety things given out by the police and firemen. As they were about to leave one of the ND Police officers, who had won a Notre Dame Basketball, came over to Broc and asked him if he would like to have the basketball. Broc was soooo excited! He came running home to show me and he couldn't contain his excitement! We were so thankful for this officers kindness & generosity!

Here is the ND Officer with his buddies, that gave Broc the B-ball

General Conference - Oh how we loved it!

This past weekend we truly enjoyed General Conference! We were able to watch each of the sessions at home, thankfully, on our computer. How grateful I am for technology! We were uplifted, spiritually feed and felt challenged to do and be better! I especially felt grateful to sustain our new Prophet, Pres Thomas S. Monson, as my prophet on the earth today. I was reminded yet again just how blessed I am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Broc plays Basketball

This Spring Broc announced that he wanted to have an after school activity. The city of South Bend offers a full array of very reasonably priced after school activities. So we looked through the schedule of activities that were within his age group and he picked basketball. This was my first choice, obviously, but he decided that based on his "previous experience" as he put it, that he would be ready and really good at basketball.
It is a basic basketball skills class for kids ages 7-9, that helps them learn the basics, i.e. bounce pass, chest pass, shooting, dribbling ect., of b-ball. I LOVE this class! Broc has played b-ball in the past, when he was 5, but just on a team where they run up and down the court chasing the ball. Not that that isn't fun but he has really never learned any real skills. Now I realize that he is only 7 but hey it's never to early to start learning the basics. And since he isn't interested in listening to me, like I have any knowledge in this area, this class has been great for him to learn. The best part is that he loves it and he thinks he is a great ball player! No problem in the confidence dept here!

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha, Do the daily Brusha!

McCall LOVES to brush her teeth while she looks at herself in the mirror. This little ritual takes place each day along with talking/looking at herself in the TV while its off. Perhaps she is a little vein!?!

A Little Relax time with Dad!

I pulled the futon mattress off the frame while I was cleaning and John and McCall took full advantage of a soft place to relax. John on the mattress and McCall on John!

The White Shark!

A few weeks back Broc was assigned another poster project for school. This time it was on any organism of his choosing. For the first couple of days after the assignment came home we talked about the endless possibilities. He went back and forth with several ideas but eventually narrowed it down to the White Shark. The poster had to include an illustration of the organism, its habitat and its water and food source along with a presentation of the poster to his class. He began to work on the illustration portion of the project and after an hour of frustration he came to me and said, "I think that I will just do my poster on a tree." I was very surprised because he was so excited to do his poster on a Shark. Almost in tears he said "I stink at drawing a Shark, so I think that I'll switch and do a tree because I can draw a tree!" Poor Kid! We ended up using a copy of a Shark that he traced and then colored. He and I researched the White Shark online and then he (yes he really did!) typed the information into the computer and with my help we enlarged it and made it look pretty. He did a fantastic job and his poster turned out great!