Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The White Shark!

A few weeks back Broc was assigned another poster project for school. This time it was on any organism of his choosing. For the first couple of days after the assignment came home we talked about the endless possibilities. He went back and forth with several ideas but eventually narrowed it down to the White Shark. The poster had to include an illustration of the organism, its habitat and its water and food source along with a presentation of the poster to his class. He began to work on the illustration portion of the project and after an hour of frustration he came to me and said, "I think that I will just do my poster on a tree." I was very surprised because he was so excited to do his poster on a Shark. Almost in tears he said "I stink at drawing a Shark, so I think that I'll switch and do a tree because I can draw a tree!" Poor Kid! We ended up using a copy of a Shark that he traced and then colored. He and I researched the White Shark online and then he (yes he really did!) typed the information into the computer and with my help we enlarged it and made it look pretty. He did a fantastic job and his poster turned out great!

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