Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Madness has it's Champions!

Well I must say that I am somewhat saddened today by the fact that the madness has officially ended for the season, however I am happy with the outcome of both the men's and women's championship games. Even though my bracket was a total bust this year, probably my worst year ever, I really enjoyed both tournaments and the games were fantastic!

Kansas was amazing! With 2:12 left in the game and down by 9 they mounted a ferocious comeback that was capped off with the amazing and game tying shot by Mario Chalmers. I screamed and I'm sure the neighbors thought I was being robbed or something! His shot sent them into overtime where they dominated and won! WOW what a game!

The Lady Vols from Tennessee were just as good in the women's final where they really dominated and totally shut down Stanford. They forced Stanford to an unusually high number of turnovers and they really stopped them defensively. It was a great game and fun to watch! I love Pat Summit and it's always enjoyable to watch her team play!

I'm already looking forward to next years tournaments!

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