Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Broc plays Basketball

This Spring Broc announced that he wanted to have an after school activity. The city of South Bend offers a full array of very reasonably priced after school activities. So we looked through the schedule of activities that were within his age group and he picked basketball. This was my first choice, obviously, but he decided that based on his "previous experience" as he put it, that he would be ready and really good at basketball.
It is a basic basketball skills class for kids ages 7-9, that helps them learn the basics, i.e. bounce pass, chest pass, shooting, dribbling ect., of b-ball. I LOVE this class! Broc has played b-ball in the past, when he was 5, but just on a team where they run up and down the court chasing the ball. Not that that isn't fun but he has really never learned any real skills. Now I realize that he is only 7 but hey it's never to early to start learning the basics. And since he isn't interested in listening to me, like I have any knowledge in this area, this class has been great for him to learn. The best part is that he loves it and he thinks he is a great ball player! No problem in the confidence dept here!

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