Monday, April 21, 2008

One Talk, Two Talk, Three Lesson More!!

Today was a busy day for us at church. I gave a talk in Sacrament Mtg. on "Motherhood," Broc gave a great talk in Primary about "Following the Prophet" and John and I taught our Primary class about "Daring to Choose the Right." Whew! It truly was a great day and all of our responsibilities went very smooth but I will say that I'm really glad its over! I really don't mind speaking in Church it's just the whole preparation part that is a killer! I worked on my talk on Friday night and 2 1/2 hours later the computer crashed and I lost all that I had already prepared. I freaked and it was all I could do not to chuck the darn laptop out the window!! Aside from this minor, and I use the term minor very loosely, mishap (it's not really a minor mishap at 1:30am more like total meltdown! You know the kind where all reasoning goes to the way side!) it was smooth sailing once I got back on the computer. In the end all was well hear in our little Zion!

Here is our cute and very energetic Primary Class - We love these kids!


The Larsen's said...

I'm with you Char--I had to give a talk this last Sunday as well. Prep is the killer. I was really hoping Greg would write it for me! Sorry about your computer. I probably would have cried!

Camille said...

Char I've known you for almost 14 years now and I'm sure you didn't melt down that much over such a little thing like talking in front of the WHOLE ward and letting them see how spiritual you really are or aren't. Anyway that is a cute class. The one on John's lap looks like she could have some Emma attitude.

becca said...

hi charlotte! I peeked in from Carrie's blog. This is a cute pic of the class. Jed is leaning over my shoulder freaking out because there are pictures of his teachers on our computer. (now he is fighting with Ella, who wants to go back to the Kindt pics since that is her teacher, but she is happy to see McCall, whew, crisis averted). Anyway, your talk was great! and Jed just informed that "they are my favorite teachers ever." Thanks for being such great primary teachers! Also, your blog is very festive and fun!

Christa said...

Oh Char I cannot imagine having the computer crash after all that work! I would have been in tears and completely stressed out!