Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet our Twins!

On Tuesday, December 16, 2008 our beautiful twin boys joined our family! After a long day of waiting, we were scheduled to be delivered at 3:00pm but were bumped by an emergency c-section, Luke McKinstry and Logan James Crippen arrived quickly and safely! Luke arrived first at 5:07pm, weighing in at 6lb 2 oz, 20 inches long and Logan joined the family one short minute later at 5:08pm weighing 6lb 7 oz, and also 20 inches long. We were so grateful to have them arrive without any complications and very healthy. We came home from the hospital on Friday afternoon and we have officially entered the world of sleepless nights and lots of poppy diapers!!

All I want for Christmas is.......

The Saturday before I delivered the twins we attended our ward Christmas party. It was a great dinner and fun activity and the best part at least for the kids was that Santa came for a visit. McCall couldn't get to the line fast enough! She was so excited to sit on his lap and really chat with him about what she wanted for Christmas. For the entire month of December this request had changed from week to week and sometimes daily. (Much to her mother's distress!!) At Thanksgiving she told me that she wanted a "Darth Vader Dress up with a red Light Saber" so she could be evil! My sister Allison's comment was "Well, she doesn't need a costume to be evil!" Then is changed to a Luke Skywalker dress-up with a blue Light Saber, to kill bad guys, followed by a "Pirate costume with a knife to kill bad guys" and finally this past week she settled on a "Knight Costume with a shiny sword to of course kill bad guys!" So basically it came down to that if the dress-up looked tough and came with a weapon then we were set! Bless Broc's heart his request was simple and unchanging, "Something fun!" So stayed tuned to see what dress-up came and with what weapon!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'll trade you two babies for one puppy......

Last night when John and the kids returned home from scouts McCall announced that she had decided that she would like to trade her baby brothers for a puppy. Her proposal, one that was well thought out I might add, was that we could give the babies to Carly's Mom and Dad, the Henries from our ward, and that she could get a puppy in exchange. She was matter of fact and completely serious and had already discussed it with John in the car on the way home. John and I both asked her a few times and then told her a few more that she would be sad if we gave the babies away. Her response: "No, I'll be fine, I WANT a puppy!" So I called my friend Shellie Henrie and informed her that on Tuesday she would be getting two babies and that I would need a puppy in exchange. It seems like a fair trade, doesn't it?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still on the countdown......and waiting!

Yesterday morning I went for a follow-up amnio to see if the boys had cooked enough and again no such luck! Their lungs aren't developed enough and they need to wait one more week. So we are on the schedule for a c-section next Tue, Dec 16th. They told me that we don't need to do another repeat amnio and that since I'm going to be almost 38 1/2 wks by then, that we will just do the delivery - Yeah! I think!?! So we have another week to chill, sleep and relax until the crazy hits our house! We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still no babies!

On Monday, Dec 1st, I had an amnio to check and see if the babies lungs were developed enough to be delivered on Tues, Dec 2nd. Well no such luck! They found that there was a greater than 75% chance that they weren't ready. Sooooo... they decided to push me back a week and repeat the amnio again on Mon, Dec 8th. If they are ready they will deliver me on the 9th. If not another week! Stay tuned!

Party, Party, Party!!

On Friday, Nov 14, 2008 my friends Elisha Glover, Lu Demetter and Stephanie Rogers threw me a really fun diaper and wipes shower. What a nice afternoon with good food, friends and fun conversation, and considering that I haven't been here very long, the sisters in my ward were very generous! Thanks Elisha, Lu and Stephanie, you gals are the best! Stephanie made the two adorable diaper cakes, aren't they cute?!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bed Rest and Ultrasounds

Yesterday I went to see my OB and it has happened....the dreaded bed rest! With roughly 20 days to go she put me on bed rest. YUCK!! I complained to my Mom and she just said "Enjoy it now honey because in a month you will wish you could sleep and just hang out!" Isn't that the truth! I also had an ultrasound yesterday and the boys are doing great and growing like crazy. Baby A is roughly 4lbs and 6 oz and Baby B is 5lbs even. It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks they will be here and we will be tired! We are excited and ready....I think!

Not cool enough?!?

Well it's happened.....I'm not cool anymore in the eyes of my eight year old. Not that I was cool anyway but this past week confirmed it. Last Thursday I took Broc and McCall to the dentist and because of this Broc was late for school. When I took him to school I had to walk him in too check him in. When we got out of the Trailblazer I reached for his hand and he looked at me with a look of terror on his face and said "Don't hold my hand!" I said ok and laughed to myself. Following the actual check in at the office I bent down to kiss him and give him a hug goodbye and before I even got close he pulled away and hurriedly said "Ok, see you Mom" I just smiled and as he walked away I thought well that's it, the days of Mom's showing affection are officially over. I had hoped that I would at least get a few more years but I guess the buck stops at 2nd grade. Just wait until he's a teenager he won't even want to be seen with me! I can't wait!

Happy Halloween - 2008

Halloween for us this year was pretty low key. Poor Broc had strep throat and had to stay home from school on Halloween but lucky for him the weekend before he had gone to McCall's school carnival and the wards Trunk or Treat. So although he missed his school festivities he still had already had the chance to wear his skeleton costume and celebrate. McCall had a party at school the day before and their class had a cute little parade for the parents. She looked darling in her horse costume and was so excited to wear it. Even though Broc was sick John took both of them trick or treating to a few houses around our block. They had a great time and aside from the strep throat it was a fun day!

Cub Scouts Rule!

When Broc turned 8 he was able to join the Cub Scouts in our ward here in PA. I don't know who was more excited to have him in scouts, him or John! Both of them are loving the fact that they now have merit badges to work on and pass off. It is so funny to see the two of them planning the next merit badge that will be worked on and already making their game plan for the Pinewood Derby that isn't even until Jan! They are crazy but I am glad that John is so hands on because I haven't got a clue. At his first pack meeting he had already earned 3 merit badges, great job buddy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We love Grandma Rabbits!

The middle of October we decided to take one last weekend trip, before the babies come, to visit my Grandma Roberts in Niagara Falls, Canada. We hadn't seen her since Christmas and she hadn't been feeling well so we thought we had better get ourselves to Canada for a visit. What a great weekend we had with her! We really enjoyed a great visit and spent a great deal of time with her over the weekend. She just turned 90 and is my last surviving grandparent so I'm grateful to live so close. The best thing is that Broc and McCall want to see her, love her and spend time with her and are hoping to see her again in the spring. What a marvelous women she is! I love her and am proud to be her granddaughter! We love you Grandma Rabbits!

Happy Birthday McCall - #4

On October 7, 2008 we celebrated McCall's 4th birthday. We actually celebrated the weekend before because John was going to be working late on her actual b-day. So Saturday we let her pick the place she wanted to eat at and she chose CiCi's pizza. She got all dressed up, yes I let her chose and the outfit of choice was a goody! She put on Broc's old red and black soccer uniform, and complimented this fine selection with her light up white and multi colored moon boots! She looked fabulous and was a big hit at the pizza place. She was so pleased with herself and her excellent outfit choice, that I couldn't stop smiling at her. Following her birthday lunch we headed to Wal-mart, where I might add she fit right in with her outfit!, and she picked out the cap guns with holsters for her birthday. She wore them all weekend along with the boots and couldn't have been happier! On Tuesday, her actual b-day she came home from school with a birthday crown and we bought donuts to celebrate. Happy Birthday Sis! We Love you!

It's SO good to be back!!

The last weekend of September we decided to take a quick trip to Notre Dame for the weekend to see our friends the Doughertys and to enjoy a great football weekend. Oh how good it was to be back! What made it even nicer was that they won, something that was very unusual last season. We got to hang out, tailgate, wonder around campus, hear the band play and see some of our friends who are in the two year program. What a great weekend we had and what a beautiful weekend to be on campus. We love ND! Thanks to the Doughertys for a fantastic weekend! Go Irish!

All about Broc

A few weeks into the school year Broc was spotlighted and we got to do the "All about me poster" my favorite thing ever since I am NOT a scrapbooker in any sense. Usually my great friend Kelle who lives in UT has helped me, ok lets be honest done it for me while I watch and put in my one cent! Well this year I was on my own and I will say I think it turned out pretty great considering all the stress. I know it's silly to stress about an all about me poster but I'm so OCD when it comes to stuff like this it make me crazy! Thanks to Kelle for putting up with me all those times and teaching me how to make a great poster!

First day of School

The first few weeks of September both Broc and McCall started school here in PA. Both were excited and ready to meet new friends, learn and have a break from MOM!! Broc was excited to be able to ride the bus again this year (right across the street from the house, Hooray!) and especially that he did NOT have to wear uniforms. He has really adjusted well and is enjoying his teacher and class. He is a great student and according to this weeks parent teacher conference "works hard and always does it with a smile on his face!" What a great kid!

McCall was totally ready to go to school this year and has really fallen in love with pre-school. She attends two mornings a week and has really enjoyed going to "her" school and although its not on the bus, something she felt very jilted about earlier in the year, she enjoys having an activity all to herself. It's been fun to see her grow and learn new things!

Bring on the BOYS!

On Monday, August 25, 2008 we left our beloved UT and flew to PA to finally get on with our lives. It was so nice to have John's help with the traveling and it really was so nice to be together after a long summer apart. Poor John was totally ready to have his family together after two summers in a row of being alone! The following Wednesday, August 27, 2008 we went for our much anticipated big ultrasound. I took both of the kids with me and it was a fun experience to have them there! As far as we were all concerned we were having a boy and girl but about three minutes into the ultrasound we found out that we were having two boys! I must say that I was somewhat surprised but totally excited. It took a bit of convincing to get McCall to understand that there was a Luke but not a Natalie in my belly. She kept saying "No Mom there is a Natalie in there!" After a few days however she was on board that she was going to get two brothers instead. So now we have a Luke and Logan in my belly and coming to our family very soon! LOOK OUT!!!

Happy Birthday Broc - #8

On Friday, August 22, 2008 we celebrated Broc's 8th birthday! Oh where did the time go! It's hard to believe that we have an eight year old, we couldn't possibly be old enough for that..... could we? John flew in the night before and we spent our last weekend in UT celebrating. Broc had decided weeks before what the days activities would consist of and was very particular to make sure it all went as planned. Sound a little like his mother? Anyway we had a great day at Cherry Hill and then we went to Jake and Al's for pizza, doughnuts cake and presents, his favorite being the BYU blanket his Nana made him. (That Nana is such a trouble maker!) We had a great day and having John spend it with us made it even better!

The next day, Saturday, August 23, 2008 Broc was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! What a beautiful and fantastic day for our family! It was so special to experience this moment with Broc and to have John Baptize him. We had so many of our family and friends share it with us as well and that made it even better! We're so proud of Broc for his choice to be baptized! He is a special boy and we are so lucky to have him in our family! Once again how grateful I was for the gospel.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yahoo...We're Having Two!!

By August I was finally getting a handle on the nausea and throwing up and on some days starting to actually feel good but then I started to have pre-term labor. I was only 19 weeks, but hadn't seen a doctor yet because of the whole insurance issue, so at the insistence of EVERYONE, I went to see my old OB, Dr. Sorenson. On Tuesday, Aug 6, 2008 I went to my appt. She checked me and everything was normal and then she said "Let's do a quick ultrasound just to check your due date" this is exactly what she did when I was pregnant with McCall so no big deal. I lay on the table and she started the ultrasound. My first question was "How many are there?" She scanned back and forth and said "Well there's a head and..... There is a second head!" I couldn't believe it! I started to tear up and the nurse started jumping up and down with excitement! Dr. Sorenson said "you seemed bigger than 19 weeks, but I didn't want to say anything until I had done the ultrasound." It was then that I started to really cry as I shared my story with Dr. Sorenson.

At the beginning of April I was driving in the car with the kids when from the back seat Broc says "Mom, I want another baby to come to our family." I wasn't quite sure how to respond to him because my thoughts immediately went to, well if you only knew how long we have wanted this too and if you only knew all the crazy fertility drugs that I have been taking to try to get this to happen! So instead of blurting all of that out I said "Well Broc, we really want that to, maybe if you pray and ask Heavenly Father for a baby to come to our house that would help" His response was a simple "ok Mom, I will." We then had a cute conversation about what kind of baby we would want and that having twins would be fun because then we would get two instead of one. So that night when we had family prayer it was his turn and he blessed us that we would have a boy baby and a girl baby come to our family. For next few weeks both he and McCall prayed for this exact thing and not more than 3 weeks later I was pregnant and now some 4 months later we were having twins! As I shared this story with Dr. Sorenson she began to cry and it was then that I was so grateful that my Heavenly Father answered not only my prayers but the prayers of my children! I called John from the doctors office and he said "Well were you expecting anything different?" and you know I truly wasn't. From the moment I became pregnant I knew that there were two and to myself had always prayed for the babies instead of baby. The hard thing was not knowing what they were and for that we would have to wait another three weeks! It was a great day and so fun to be able to share it with our friends and family and to finally answer the question as to why I had been so sick.

Summer Recap & Throwing up...Yuck!!

At the end of May we flew to UT to see our families and play for a few weeks before John started his job at PPG. The plan was that John was going to fly back to PA to start his new job and I would stay a few weeks longer with the kids and then head to PA as well. Well that was before my pregnancy reared its ugly head and came on with a vengeance! From the moment we hit UT the throwing up began and didn't end until the summer was over and we were finally back in PA. Much to John's disliking and frustration, the kids and I ended up staying in UT for the entire summer because I was so sick. I am so grateful for the help of our families and a few of my friends during what I fondly refer to as "My summer of vomit!" I have never thrown up so much or in so many interesting places as I did this past summer. Everyone was so sick of me either throwing up or talking about throwing up that is was ridiculous! It's sad when your kids are totally unfazed by it when they roll down the car window and ask "Are you almost done Mom?
The sad thing was is that I had so many plans to see friends and do fun things with the kids and all of that went to the way side. Our only saving grace was Cherry Hill!

We would get up hit the "Hill" and then hurry home before the sick would hit! You know it was a rough summer when I tell you that I went to Target once, and never made it to Old Navy! So sad for a girl who loves to shop. The only upside it that we did get to spend a great deal of time with both our families and that was great! Thanks to everyone who saved me this summer!

The Big Move

Three days after graduation the movers arrived and packed us up and were were homeless! We were driving our Trailblazer to PA and then flying to UT. Our junk was going to storage for about three weeks while we waited to get into our rental. We spent our final days at ND roaming campus and playing with the Doughertys. It was hard to leave such a wonderful place that was filled with so many fun memories. We miss M12!

Barb & Shannon

This is Barb and her daughter Shannon Huey. They were in our church ward in South Bend. Every week in Sacrament Mtg we sat in front of them, along with Hank and they were so great to keep our kids entertained, especially McCall. They brought books, crayons with paper and treats, it was fabulous! It was nice to be able to listen and really enjoy the meeting. What I wouldn't give to have them sit behind us in a month or so!! Thanks Huey's for loving our kids! We miss you!!

Mrs. Rokop

This is Broc with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Rokop. Borc just loved her and being in her class a Kennedy Elementary in South Bend, IN. He grew so much academically in her class and at Kennedy. It was an excellent school and we were sad to leave. Thanks Mrs. Rokop for all that you did for Broc, you're the best!

Notre Dame Graduation - 2008

On Sunday, May 18, 2008 (one day shy of our 13th Anniversary) John graduated from the University of Notre Dame with his MBA. It was a surprisingly cold and windy day but one that was filled with great memories for us! His parents came to town to share his special day with us and we were so glad to have them with us! We had a great time showing them around ND as well as Amish country and South Bend. We are so proud of John for his hard work! Our experience at ND is one that we will always cherish! We made so many lasting friendships and great memories! Go Irish!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pittsburgh here we come!

On Wednesday, May 7, 2008 we loaded up and headed off to PA to find a place to live. We spent 4 days hunting for a house to rent and an area that we would feel good about living in. We had several recommendations which really helped us narrow it down. After a few days of searching we found a great rental in a great city with good schools and a great church ward. We explored what would become our new home and then headed back to Notre Dame for graduation and the big move.

Baby on Board!

On May 6, 2008 we found out that we were pregnant! John had gone to school to take his last set of finals at ND and while he was gone I took a pregnancy test. I suspected that I was pregnant but hadn't said anything to anyone because I was afraid I would jinx it. So right before his last final he called home and I dropped the bomb! I was too excited and in shock to wait so I spilled the beans. We laughed and he said that if he did poorly on his final he could always blame it on the news! He did great on his test and we felt so blessed to finally be able to have another baby come to our family.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Primary Teachers that we LOVE!

Sunday May 4, 2008, was our last Sunday to attend our ward here in South Bend. What a neat, friendly and amazing ward it is! We love the South Bend, IN ward! When we came to the ward in August we were immediately taken in, put to work and we have been so blessed! I have grown so much serving as a Primary teacher and John and I both have really enjoyed serving together with our darling and energetic class! It's hard to believe our time in this wonderful ward has come and gone so fast. Our kids have also been so blessed with great Primary teachers and good friends. Broc has really enjoyed Jessica Lambourne as his teacher and thank goodness for his friend and the only other boy in his class, Derek. Although they didn't spend a ton of time together when they did play they had alot of fun. McCall became a sunbeam this past Jan and we are so thankful to Sis Carrie Kindt and Ashley Glissmeyer for their patience and long suffering. With a class of 8 girls its a wonder they still came to church on a regular basis! Thanks to you all for making a lasting impression on our kids, they love you and so do we!