Saturday, November 8, 2008

Summer Recap & Throwing up...Yuck!!

At the end of May we flew to UT to see our families and play for a few weeks before John started his job at PPG. The plan was that John was going to fly back to PA to start his new job and I would stay a few weeks longer with the kids and then head to PA as well. Well that was before my pregnancy reared its ugly head and came on with a vengeance! From the moment we hit UT the throwing up began and didn't end until the summer was over and we were finally back in PA. Much to John's disliking and frustration, the kids and I ended up staying in UT for the entire summer because I was so sick. I am so grateful for the help of our families and a few of my friends during what I fondly refer to as "My summer of vomit!" I have never thrown up so much or in so many interesting places as I did this past summer. Everyone was so sick of me either throwing up or talking about throwing up that is was ridiculous! It's sad when your kids are totally unfazed by it when they roll down the car window and ask "Are you almost done Mom?
The sad thing was is that I had so many plans to see friends and do fun things with the kids and all of that went to the way side. Our only saving grace was Cherry Hill!

We would get up hit the "Hill" and then hurry home before the sick would hit! You know it was a rough summer when I tell you that I went to Target once, and never made it to Old Navy! So sad for a girl who loves to shop. The only upside it that we did get to spend a great deal of time with both our families and that was great! Thanks to everyone who saved me this summer!

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DeVries Family said...

I am so sorry!! I wish I could have helped you out! So glad that you are okay! I was worried about you...