Friday, February 29, 2008

Rollerskating Rules!

Last night we went to "Rollerskating Night" for Broc's school at a local roller rink. Can we say crazy-fun!! It took me back to the early 80's, my parents unfinished basement and my sisters and I roller skating around to loud and very dramatic music. Oh, those were the days! I once was quite the skater. Unfortunately those days are LONG gone and let's just say that I'm no longer the skating extraordinaire that I once was! We had a great and tiring time with the kids. Broc started out as a disaster on wheels but a few times around the rink, with John's help, and he managed to stay off the ground. Poor Guy! McCall and I got about 1/4 of the way around the rink, all while slipping and almost falling, and the minute we passed the opening to exit the rink she started to freak out! She kept screaming "I want to go back, I want to go back!" I think she panicked because she thought that once we passed the exit we couldn't go back. Little did she realize that all we had to do was turn around and simply go back. Once we sat down she turned to me and in tears said "My skates are broken, they are broken!" She thought they were broken because she was having so much trouble staying balanced. In the end John just skated around with her in his arms and Broc and I took a few more laps together.

To finish up the night, and after retuning our skates, they let the kids dance for a bit. Broc and McCall rocked out! Broc loves to dance! He danced his heart out and thoroughly enjoyed himself - boy does that kid have moves! Were not sure where he gets them from but Zac from "High School Musical" has got nothin on this kid! What a great night and fun time we had!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mr. Lamb Chop - What a Hottie!

So John decided a few weeks back that he was going to grow out his facial hair, much to my liking, for a beard party with the MBA guys. I must tell you that I HATE most facial hair, especially beards! So I was hoping that this phase would pass quickly, and it did, HOORAY! On Sunday night, I had just come home from UT, he decided to shave, thank goodness for it being itchy!! Well after a few minutes in the bathroom, clearly not enough time to shave the entire thing off, he came out with these fabulous lamb chops. Can we say, the 70's called and they want their chops back!! What a hottie, I know! He thought he was so funny. NOT! McCall kept saying "Daddy, you missed a spot." I think that he may be a closet 70's disco guy! What do you think?!? Thankfully he finished the job and ended up with a nice goatee.

Go Bulldogs!!

This past weekend I flew to Utah to visit with my parents and to attend one of my all time favorite sporting events of the year. The 3A State Girls Basketball Tournament in Salt Lake City. My team, the Judge Memorial Catholic High School Bulldogs, were in the tournament. What a fantastic weekend it was!! My girls, they are just the best, made their way to the Championship game by beating two very good teams(Emery & Morgan) in come from behind, gut wrenching wins! They met an undefeated Wasatch in the final and although they played a tremendous game and came very close, they just couldn't seem to get the ball to drop in the end, they lost and ended up placing second. The most exciting thing is that they are very young, with so much potential and their future looks very bright!!

Oh how I miss those girls and coaches! It felt just like old times. We has such a great time together and I really loved being able to share that experience with them. Hopefully there will be more coaching in the future for me. Thanks for a great & memorable weekend girls! It was the best!!

It's Official....I'm getting old!!

Well it's official, I'm getting old. No, I did not have a birthday to help me realize this fact. When might you ask, did I discover this.... Well last night I found my first gray hairs! Yep that's right, the very first. I was washing my face and realized that I had several, that's right several, little gray hairs right above my ears. Well needless to say I was a bit shocked! I guess I knew that this day would come but thought that I still had a few good, long years ahead of me before it would happen. I shared this disturbing info with John and needless to say he was not very sympathetic. His reply was "join the club." I guess it's only fair that I have a few since he has had them coming on now for quite some time. I think it may be time to start coloring my hair, what do think?!? Anyway, it's official.....I'm getting old.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Best of Friends! Broc & Quincy

Broc and Quincy just love each other and have become such good friends. They love to inform people that they are cousins! They are so lucky and blessed to have each other and although they are two years apart in age it never seems to be a problem for them. They really enjoy playing with each other, either outside in their snow gear or inside where recently they have become quite obsessed with Legos. Who could blame them! It's so cute to see them together and getting along so well. What a great friendship they have and hopefully will continue in the years to come because of their Notre Dame bond!

McCall our "Do Gooder"

McCall LOVES the "Backyardagins" a kids show on Nick Jr. She is insistant that she watch it every morning along with Dora (who she will inform you that she has a haircut like) and Diego. Well Thursday morning was no exception. As the show started Uniqua, Paublo and Tyrone (3 of the shows characters) were wearing bandanas on their heads and pretending to be "Do Gooders." Immediately McCall insisted that we get out our bandana so that she could put it on her own head and become a "Do Gooder" as well. What a hoot this was. She was seriously so funny and rather cute in the bandana. You go girl with the "Do Gooding" We love it!

Women's B-Ball @ ND

Wednesday night, as part of our "ND Sports to do list" we attended the Notre Dame Women's B-Ball game with our friends, the Doughertys. We had a great time and really enjoyed the game. Ok, lets just say that I had a great time and enjoyed the game! The kids enjoyed the first 10-15 minutes or so and then it was, "I need a drink, I need to go to the bathroom, Can we have popcorn?" I kept asking myself, "WHY are we here?!?" Overall it was a good night and as always the kids especially enjoyed hanging out with the Dougherty kids.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy V-Day! I must be honest, I could really care less about the celebration of Valentines Day - Sorry, it's just not my thing. But February 14th is a HUGE Anniversary for us. One year ago today we got the call, I make it sound like we got called up from the minor league!, from Notre Dame that John had been accepted into the MBA Program! Yeah! We were so excited and felt so blessed. We kept looking at each other and asking "For Real." We felt like our prayers were answered that day. It was sooo nice to FINALLY know what our path would be. So despite what most will celebrate this day for, Valentines Day for us will always be an really special Anniversary for the Crippens.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great State of Florida!

Broc came home from school last week and he had been assigned the State of Florida for his America unit at school. As part of this unit each student is required to create a poster giving the following info about their state. Outline map of the state, Population, State Capital, State Bird, State Tree, State Flower and one unique fact about that state. In addition he will have to give an oral presentation on his poster. What grade is he in?!? They are serious business in first grade here, it's great! So Broc and I dove right in and began researching Florida on the internet. What did we ever do without the internet!?! I remember having to go to the library to do these kinds of projects. Oh those were the days! He completed his poster yesterday and took it to school today. He did a great job! Good job Broc!

Could it get any COLDER!?!

Ok, I think that I am officially over winter!! On Sunday morning when we headed to church it was a balmy -21 below and white out conditions. CRAZY! They told us that winters here were different than in Utah and I just laughed but they were serious business! I think that I could handle the snow but it's the wind that I'm having trouble with. It really cuts you to the bone! The only upside is that Broc has had school cancelled 3 times in the past month because of the weather. It's nice to have him home when it's -25 below! I'm ready for SPRING!! Bring it on!

ND Hockey - Go Irish!

This past weekend we took the kids to a ND Hockey game. What a blast! Several weeks ago Broc told us that he thought that we should go to a Hockey game and a Women's B-Ball game. Well ask no further. You don't have to talk me into attending a college sporting event! We had a really great time and the kids, especially Broc, were taken with the game. It made me want to go and rent Miricle and watch it again! It really is a fun sport. Uncle Tyler C would be so proud of us!

Where's Broc?

In the last little while, McCall's afternoon routine has consisted of sitting on my bed to watch for Broc to come home from school on the bus. She loves the school bus! She tells me on a regular basis that when she gets "bigger" she's going to ride the bus to "her" school. It's hard to believe that that time is quickly approaching.

We Love the Dougherty's

We just love this family! They have become our best friends here at Notre Dame and we are sooo grateful to have them in our lives. They came to ND from Florida, Doc is in the MBA program with John, and we hit it off immediately. The day we returned to ND from UT we went to dinner with them to celebrate their son, Carter's B-day. We went to Don Paublos, a mexican resturant, and they sang Happy Birthday to Carter. There was no way that McCall was going to let a cool hat like that get out of her reach without trying it on first.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grandpa Roberts Funeral - Dec 29, 2007

My Grandfather, Arnold N.P. Roberts passed away on December 10, 2007 in Niagra Falls, Canada. He was a great man whose love, example & influence were felt by many. He loved his family, the gospel and his country, Canada. He and Grandma shared a special love that we all felt and hoped to have with our own spouses. Grandpa married John & I in the Salt Lake Temple in 1995, and I was always so proud to tell people that he was our sealer. We were so fortunate to be in UT for the funeral and to spend time with Grandma. Our entire family, minus 2 cousins, were able to spend the day together to honor our Grandpa. Another pleasent surprise to the day was having President Thomas S. Monson come to the funeral. He spoke so kindly about our Grandpa and Grandma, and was so appreciative of their service in the Gospel in Eastern Canada. It was a wonderful day and the spirit was strong. Thankyou Grandpa for your example of love, service and dedication. We love you Grandpa Rabbits!

We Love our Papa!

This is my Dad & Hero, he is the greatest! I can't express enough how much he means to me and to my kids! We miss him and my Mom along with John's parents so much. This was taken the night before we came back to ND. The kids had snuggled up and I couldn't resist taking this picture. Having my Dad's love & influence in my life has molded me into the person that I am today. Thanks Dad for always being there. I love you and expect many more years of good times & memories to come!

Christmas in Utah - 2007

It was sooo good to be able to go home for Christmas! There's nothing like being at home for the holidays. After a long semester John was ready for a break from school and we were both ready to relax and enjoy spending time with our families and friends. The kids were on the countdown the entire month of December. McCall, on a daily basis, would pack her lunch box and tell me that she was "going to Utah today." They were also so excited to fly on a "BIG" airplane and ride the bus to the airport. The highlight of their trip was being able to spend time with their Grandparents and especially their cousins. We had a really great time. It just didn't seem like there was enough time in each day to do all that we wanted but overall it was a great vacation and we were so grateful to spend time with everyone. Thanks to everyone for a such great trip!

My little helper - McCall

Who says doing the dishes in your underwear is not the in thing! This has become one of McCalls favorite things to do. Strip down, grab the stool and get to work. She takes this task very seriously and informs me that she is "just doing her job". Little does she know that one day this will be her job. I have a sneaking suspicion that in the future she won't be as willing to "just do her job" and lets just hope that she won't do it in her underwear!

Our First ND Snow!

After our Thanksgiving Dinner and of course a big nap we awoke to the first snow of the season and our first here at ND - YEAH!

So we bundled up and headed out to the playground to enjoy the fresh powder with each other, Darren & Quincy (our cousins) and friends here at the village. What a blast we had!

Happy Thanksgiving - 2007

This was the first time in our 13 years together that we had Thanksgiving away from our families. Although we were sad to be away we did have a great day with our friends from school and the ward. We had a delicious and very nice Thanksgiving dinner at the North Dining Hall at Notre Dame. It was quite a spread and we really enjoyed eating and being able to visit with our friends. The kids especially loved the fact that they had such a great selection of desserts and beverages! But the best part of the dinner was the fact that I didn't have to do any clean up. YEAH!! Now that's the way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Oh Canada!

In November, the kids and I along with my cousin Melanie (she and her husband Darren are also in the MBA program here @ ND) and her two kiddies, Quincy & Stratton, loaded up in the Trailblazer and headed to Canada for 5 days to visit with our Grandparents. What a fun road trip! We were able to spend alot of time with them in their new place, an assisted living facility, and also visit with our "Fun" Aunt Sybil from Boise who was there visiting and cleaning out their Condo. We had the best time! We swam in the pool at the condo, we saw Niagra Falls all lit up at night, we drove through a Christmas light exibit, we saw fireworks over Niagra Falls, we ate out but the best fun of all was spending time with G & G Rabbits! We cherish the memories made, not only for us but for our children as well. McCall just loved, as you can tell from the pictures, to be near Grandpa. She couldn't get enough of him. It was really sweet and he absolutely loved it. I'm so grateful that we took the trip and spent the time with them. I became even more thankful that we had gone when our Grandpa pased away just a month later on December 10, 2007. How grateful I am for their example of service, love and dedication to each other and to the Lord. I am blessed that they love me and that they are my Grandparents!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dance, Really?!?

We decided this fall that McCall needed an activity that she could do all on her own and where someone else could boss her around instead of me. Miss Stacey and dance proved to be just the thing. Miss Stacey is our Bishop's wife and has taught dance forever. McCall immediatly fell in love, much to her mother's dimay, and is serious business when it comes to dance class. Miss Stacey is just fabulous and even with McCall's help on the teaching end, it has been a great experience. Thanks Miss Stacey for your patience, McCall really loves you and dance!

"You're 5 foot nothin, 100 and nothin, and you have barely a speck of athletic ability"

While John was in China, he was gone for 2 weeks, the kids and I met Mr. Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger. For those of you who don't know who this is, then shame on you! This movie is perhaps one of the greatest sports movies of all time, next to Hoosiers of course!
He was in town for the ND game and met with our friend Doc who is working with him on developing and marketing his nutrition drink. He is the nicest man! We all sat around the table and just chatted. It was so cool! Meeting him was certainly a huge highlight for me. The kids could have cared less. But in the future when we watch the movie I'll pull out the picture and remind them that they once met an incredible man who followed his heart and made his dream a reality!

Notre Dame MBA Trip to China - Oct 2007

Our first visitors @ ND - Allison & Chyrese

In October while John was in China (see next post)on his MBA trip my sister Allison and my best friend Chyrese came from Utah to spend the week with us. We had the best time! We went site seeing, shopping, out to eat and just hung out. We didn't get much sleep but it was all worth it! It was fun to have our first visitors here at ND. Thanks girls for making the trip! I love ya for it!

Good Times in Chicago - Oct 2007

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Toothless Wonder!

Here's Broc and his missing teeth! He was so happy to have two missing at the same time! I think that he was more happy to be able to take the close up pic!

Our little Cheerleader!

Here's our girl - Go Irish! Now I know some of you may be shocked to see my girl in a cheerleading outfit. Since I really don't believe in cheerleading, but she just looked so darn cute that we couldn't resist!

Football at Notre Dame!

This is our first Notre Dame game! ND vs. Georga Tech.
We were so fortunte to be able to have season tickets and go together. The student section was totally crazy! Lets just say that I have never heard the f word said so much in my life!
Even though they had their worst season in Notre Dame History, lucky us! We did have so much fun!