Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great State of Florida!

Broc came home from school last week and he had been assigned the State of Florida for his America unit at school. As part of this unit each student is required to create a poster giving the following info about their state. Outline map of the state, Population, State Capital, State Bird, State Tree, State Flower and one unique fact about that state. In addition he will have to give an oral presentation on his poster. What grade is he in?!? They are serious business in first grade here, it's great! So Broc and I dove right in and began researching Florida on the internet. What did we ever do without the internet!?! I remember having to go to the library to do these kinds of projects. Oh those were the days! He completed his poster yesterday and took it to school today. He did a great job! Good job Broc!


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Shannah said...

There is NO WAY that is Broc! Oh my goodness the time has flown by! :)

The Larsen's said...

Welcome! Add us to your site!