Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mr. Lamb Chop - What a Hottie!

So John decided a few weeks back that he was going to grow out his facial hair, much to my liking, for a beard party with the MBA guys. I must tell you that I HATE most facial hair, especially beards! So I was hoping that this phase would pass quickly, and it did, HOORAY! On Sunday night, I had just come home from UT, he decided to shave, thank goodness for it being itchy!! Well after a few minutes in the bathroom, clearly not enough time to shave the entire thing off, he came out with these fabulous lamb chops. Can we say, the 70's called and they want their chops back!! What a hottie, I know! He thought he was so funny. NOT! McCall kept saying "Daddy, you missed a spot." I think that he may be a closet 70's disco guy! What do you think?!? Thankfully he finished the job and ended up with a nice goatee.

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