Sunday, May 11, 2008

Primary Teachers that we LOVE!

Sunday May 4, 2008, was our last Sunday to attend our ward here in South Bend. What a neat, friendly and amazing ward it is! We love the South Bend, IN ward! When we came to the ward in August we were immediately taken in, put to work and we have been so blessed! I have grown so much serving as a Primary teacher and John and I both have really enjoyed serving together with our darling and energetic class! It's hard to believe our time in this wonderful ward has come and gone so fast. Our kids have also been so blessed with great Primary teachers and good friends. Broc has really enjoyed Jessica Lambourne as his teacher and thank goodness for his friend and the only other boy in his class, Derek. Although they didn't spend a ton of time together when they did play they had alot of fun. McCall became a sunbeam this past Jan and we are so thankful to Sis Carrie Kindt and Ashley Glissmeyer for their patience and long suffering. With a class of 8 girls its a wonder they still came to church on a regular basis! Thanks to you all for making a lasting impression on our kids, they love you and so do we!

Fun at the Zoo!

On Saturday, May 3, 2008, the MBA Family Life Committee held a family day at the Potowatami Zoo here in South Bend. We really enjoyed the zoo but we especially hanging out with our fellow MBAers and their families. We have truley grown to love these families and we are really going to miss them! Thanks Dan & Shanda for a great activity - we had a good time!

Utah's New Front Runner

Following the funeral weekend we, along with 30,000 other crazy Utahns, decided on Monday, April 28th to try out the new Front Runner train. We rode the train from the Layton stop to SLC, walked to Temple Square, had lunch and then rode the train back. Although it was crazy busy with tons of people we did have a great time. We enjoyed spending the day together!

Breakfast with the Crippens

On Saturday morning before the funeral we managed to squeeze in a yummy breakfast at Granny Annie's with the Crippens. It was fun to see everyone and although it was only for a short meal we did enjoy seeing everyone. Thanks guys for having breakfast with us!

Utah Trip - G Mac Funeral

On Tuesday, April 22, 2008 the kids and I headed to Utah. Thanks to my parents generosity, we were able to fly and be home for Grandpa Mac's funeral. John followed on Thursday night and was only able to stay the weekend but the kids and I stayed for a whole week and we had a great time! Although it was for a sad occasion it was so great to see everyone and spend time with my family. I know it sounds a little weird to say but hey, I'm a little weird! I love weddings and funerals because that is when we get to see our fun cousins that we rarely see. Everyone of the McKinstry cousins came to town and we partied! On Saturday, at the viewing before the funeral, McCall was standing at G Mac's casket and this is the conversation that took place:

McCall:"Mom, we are going to bury him today"
Me: "Yes we are after the funeral"
McCall: "I need to get my shovel"
Me: "Your shovel?"
McCall: "Yes my shovel so I can help bury him today!"

I tried to explain that there were men whose job it was to do this task but she was insitent for the rest of the afternoon that she needed her shovel to help get the job done.