Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to "SIX" burgh baby!

On Sunday we had a fun night watching the Pittsburgh Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl with our friends. It was a great game and an even better finish. It was so funny to see the grown men in the room jumping around like little boys screaming and yelling as well as high fiving. What a sight it was! I had no idea how crazy and serious the people of Pittsburgh take their football but it is all business here in "Steeler Nation." Way to go Steelers on #6!

Our little helper!

McCall is such a great helper. She just loves her little brothers and is always touching and loving on them, much to my dismay sometimes! She tells everyone that she has "TWO" babies at home and often invites strangers to come over to see them. She has struggled as of late with the transition, even cutting her own hair at one point(I just loved that moment, a first in the Crippen household!) and although she is still trying to find her place in all this chaos she is completely in love with the boys and often reminds me that they are "her" babies.

What Cuties!

Here are a few pics of the boys from January. They are growing so fast and changing so much, but thankfully they are starting to sleep longer and eat more. It's funny because we think that we have them figured out and then they change it up. I guess they will be keeping us on our toes for the rest of our lives! But oh they are so cute and really starting to get fun. We do feel so lucky and blessed to have them in our family! Luke is on the left and Logan the right.

Luke & Logan's Baby Blessing

My parents came to town on New Years day to help with the babies and while they were here we decided to bless the boys. We decided to do it while at least some of our family was here and it just happened to be that they would be here on fast Sunday. So although the boys were still little we went ahead with it. Sunday, January 4, 2009 John blessed Luke and Logan with my Dad and our friends from our ward here. It was a nice day and John did a great job. How blessed I feel that John holds the priesthood and can bless our family with it. We also feel so blessed to have great friends here to have shared this special day with us.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Way to go Utes!

That's right baby, #2 in the nation, a great win in the Sugar Bowl and a fantastic season! We're proud to be alumni!

Merry Christmas - 2008

We had a great and quiet Christmas this year. It was the first time since we have had the kids that we didn't celebrate Christmas with our families. Although it was sad to be far away, it was nice to spend the day with just us. Broc received a semi automatic pellet gun, great I know, but John kept saying that every boy needs one, Yeah right! McCall did indeed receive a Darth Vader dress up with a red light saber and a knight dress up, also with a sword. She is stocked up weapon wise and ready to rumble! We really enjoyed the day watching movies, playing games and sleeping. It was a great Christmas.

Happy B-day John!

December 21, 2008 was John's 37th B-day. We really didn't celebrate this year, Sorry John, but I did remind him that for his b-day I did give him two baby boys! What more could a guy want, right?!? John is the best husband and Dad ever! He is such a cutie as well as kind, patient, fun and the most important, he puts up with me! We adore him and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Happy Birthday hon, we love you!