Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grandpa Roberts Funeral - Dec 29, 2007

My Grandfather, Arnold N.P. Roberts passed away on December 10, 2007 in Niagra Falls, Canada. He was a great man whose love, example & influence were felt by many. He loved his family, the gospel and his country, Canada. He and Grandma shared a special love that we all felt and hoped to have with our own spouses. Grandpa married John & I in the Salt Lake Temple in 1995, and I was always so proud to tell people that he was our sealer. We were so fortunate to be in UT for the funeral and to spend time with Grandma. Our entire family, minus 2 cousins, were able to spend the day together to honor our Grandpa. Another pleasent surprise to the day was having President Thomas S. Monson come to the funeral. He spoke so kindly about our Grandpa and Grandma, and was so appreciative of their service in the Gospel in Eastern Canada. It was a wonderful day and the spirit was strong. Thankyou Grandpa for your example of love, service and dedication. We love you Grandpa Rabbits!

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