Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday McCall - #4

On October 7, 2008 we celebrated McCall's 4th birthday. We actually celebrated the weekend before because John was going to be working late on her actual b-day. So Saturday we let her pick the place she wanted to eat at and she chose CiCi's pizza. She got all dressed up, yes I let her chose and the outfit of choice was a goody! She put on Broc's old red and black soccer uniform, and complimented this fine selection with her light up white and multi colored moon boots! She looked fabulous and was a big hit at the pizza place. She was so pleased with herself and her excellent outfit choice, that I couldn't stop smiling at her. Following her birthday lunch we headed to Wal-mart, where I might add she fit right in with her outfit!, and she picked out the cap guns with holsters for her birthday. She wore them all weekend along with the boots and couldn't have been happier! On Tuesday, her actual b-day she came home from school with a birthday crown and we bought donuts to celebrate. Happy Birthday Sis! We Love you!

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Ashley said...

Oh, we did miss it! :( Sorry McCall, Happy Birthday though!! We'll send you a postcard of Colorado!! We miss you guys!!