Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Three Nephites

A few nights ago we were reading in 3rd Nephi, in our Book of Mormon reader, about the 3 Nephites who asked Jesus if they could stay on the earth to teach the gospel until he returned again. When we were finished with the chapter Broc started asking questions about the 3 Nephites. It went like this:

Broc: "So they will never die?"
John: "Nope"
Broc: "So they are still on the earth today teaching the gospel?"
John: "Yes, they are"
Broc: "What if they are our three missionaries!" "You know the ones who came to our house!"

He was referring to Elder Chumley, Elder Schroeder and Elder Hewlett who had come to our home and who we had had lunch with on the Saturday of General Conference. I had two thoughts about Broc's comments. One, how neat that he would put these three missionaries in the same esteem as the three Nephites and second, that he would think that we would be worthy to have the 3 Nephites come to our house. I'm glad HE has that much faith and belief in us, because I'm not so certain I do! Oh how I love his faithfulness! He has such a great spirit. If the 3 Nephites ever came to visit it would definitely be because of him!

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