Monday, March 3, 2008

Chicago, IL Temple Trip

On Saturday morning we embarked on our day trip to attend the Chicago Temple. Our friends, The Benson's drove with us and we traded kids so that we could attend a session and they could do baptisms. What a great day!! We decided that during our time to watch kids that we would go to our beloved Costco. Oh, how we miss having a Costco near by. That is one thing that we are looking forward to in Pittsburgh, being able to shop at Costco instead of Sam's Club. Anyway we made our Costco run and then headed to McDonald's to feed the kids before it was our turn to go to the Temple.

After we both finished up at the Temple we decided to hit the mall to let the kids run and the Mom's shop, specifically at the Gap. Are you surprised!?! Then we went to dinner at Giordano's Pizza before heading back to South Bend. Yummy! Although it was a long day, 12 hours, it was a GREAT day! I love the Temple! What a blessing it is in my life!!

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