Monday, March 3, 2008

Do I detect a hint of Spring?

Last night we went to Darren & Mel's for dinner. On our walk over to their place I finally felt like Spring was knocking on our doorstep. You know the feeling, you can smell it in the air and it feels soooo good! You start to dream about flip flops, t-shirts, drive-in movies and actually playing outside in the playground, instead of staying inside watching snow fall on the playground! It was a fabulous 45 degrees and had been raining all day so most of the snow had melted. Quite a jump from last weeks cool -5 and the 8-10 inches of snow we received. I'm afraid to even hope for or say that Spring is close for fear that it will disappear, the temp will plummet and snow will start to fall again. UGH!! Hopefully if I hope for it long enough it will be here to stay. That's how it works right?

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