Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Duck Duty

This morning we decided to go for a walk and enjoy our Spring like weather. I have to be careful because the last time I thought that Spring was in the air it proceeded to snow another 6-8 inches and drop below zero again. But today we ventured out and took a nice long walk around the lakes on campus.
We also stopped to feed the ducks at the lake by the Grato. McCall loves to feed the ducks so I have been saving up the old bread for just this purpose. As you can tell from the photo McCall not only fed the ducks but herself as well. It went one for the duck, one for McCall, one for the duck, one for McCall. This continued a bit until I reassured her that I would be happy to make her a sandwich when we got home. We had such a nice time and hopefully Spring is here to stay!

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