Friday, November 14, 2008

Not cool enough?!?

Well it's happened.....I'm not cool anymore in the eyes of my eight year old. Not that I was cool anyway but this past week confirmed it. Last Thursday I took Broc and McCall to the dentist and because of this Broc was late for school. When I took him to school I had to walk him in too check him in. When we got out of the Trailblazer I reached for his hand and he looked at me with a look of terror on his face and said "Don't hold my hand!" I said ok and laughed to myself. Following the actual check in at the office I bent down to kiss him and give him a hug goodbye and before I even got close he pulled away and hurriedly said "Ok, see you Mom" I just smiled and as he walked away I thought well that's it, the days of Mom's showing affection are officially over. I had hoped that I would at least get a few more years but I guess the buck stops at 2nd grade. Just wait until he's a teenager he won't even want to be seen with me! I can't wait!


DeVries Family said... put us on your friend list!!!! Woohoo!!! Your memory is still intact...good news!
Did I mention that I MISS YOU?????
I miss Brock....

Judy McKinstry said...

Thanks goodness!! You finally updated the blog. It is wonderful, now put a current picture on it. The twins are over six months now so must be big. Love, Judy