Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still no babies!

On Monday, Dec 1st, I had an amnio to check and see if the babies lungs were developed enough to be delivered on Tues, Dec 2nd. Well no such luck! They found that there was a greater than 75% chance that they weren't ready. Sooooo... they decided to push me back a week and repeat the amnio again on Mon, Dec 8th. If they are ready they will deliver me on the 9th. If not another week! Stay tuned!


Kindt Family said...

Aww, bummer! Sorry they're leaving you hanging like that, that must be so tense. Of course babies health comes first, but still... emotional for you guys!

DeVries Family said...

Bless your hearts!!!!!
You are all in our thoughts and prayers!! Hang in there!!!

Christa said...

OK, so I am totally out of the loop! I have been terrible about blogging and checking blogs! I cannot believe you are having twins! That is so crazy. I cannot even imagine what fun that will bring. I am so happy for you. Good luck!!

Roslyn said...

OH CHar!! I am so excited for you!!
WHen you get a chance will you email me your address? I want to send you a christmas card? I miss you!!! I loved catching up on your life!! Mccall is such a crack up.. Oh thd drama of a girl.. what I wouldnt give.

Denette said...

That is suprising that your body has let you carry them to term. Many twins come early.

The Frames are in Spanish Fork. They have lived there for about a year.

Keep us updated on those babies.

Shanda said...

Good luck today! I'm excited to see pictures of your darling babies!

esplin said...

I am so happy for you guys. I hadn't been on the blog for a while! Twins wow! Can't wait to see those two little ones on the blog. I'm sure you are ready, too!
Melissa (Pollastro) Esplin